Friday 31 August 2012

Show Your Kids That You Care. Accept Them As They Are.

Kids are supposed to be like wax, mould them as you wish. Really? The debate about nature versus nurture has been a never ending one. Child psychology says that nurture works best when you let the child follow his/her chosen path.

Somehow, parents have difficulty accepting this advice. The same adults who appreciate and respect individuality in other adults have trouble accepting that their child is an individual with unique likes and dislikes. Yes, parents are more than willing to say that their kid is unique, but not an individual. 

Each child is special and unique, and they are the happiest when they are allowed to be themselves. It doesn’t mean that there should be no discipline or guidance. What we want to say is that the guidance should be customized to suit the kid’s unique needs. 

Don't try to make a child something he or she is not. It is like trying to paint an orchid like a rose, because roses are popular. Trust us, it will hurt you and your child, and the results will not look good either. What can you do to show your kid that your love is unconditional?
  • Spend time with the kid and see what they like to do. Appreciate any thing    that they are good at.
  • If the child is discouraged that he/she lacks a talent or quality, tell the kid that no one has every talent. Use every opportunity to give inspiring examples of successful people with talents similar to the kid.  
  • Find or create opportunities for the kid’s talent to be recognized and appreciated. It could be through participation in contests, or by letting the kid use their talents to help some noble cause.
What do you think? We would love to hear from you!


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